Embracing quintessential Australian spirit of mateship

Westpac has released its latest work bringing to life Australia’s cultural identity of mate ship and people helping each other. Created by Westpac and DDB Sydney, and directed by award-winning director Mark Molloy, the creative looks at moments in Australian history and how helping in times of need is innate to the Aussie way of life.

The creative drives emotion by depicting a mix of big and intimate scenes inspired by moments in Australian history, DDB Chief Creative Officer Ben Welsh said. “Leveraging culture and a truth about Australia, this piece is a perfect example of our belief in emotionally driven work. With this film we want people to feel hopeful, optimistic and proud to be Australian,” he said.

“As Westpac entered its third century, we want to continue the essence of our Proudly Supporting Australia positioning, while drawing on what makes us truly Australian. For Australians it is this unique spirit of helping one another that makes us special,” Westpac Group Head of Brand, Advertising & Media Jenny Melhuish said.