Got the appetite? Macca’s will bring the opportunity.

Working at McDonald’s is typecasted as a role for 15 year olds flipping burgers.

We needed to dispel the ‘McJob’ stereotype by evoking a sense of pride and admiration for the people who work at Macca’s.


At Macca’s, we believe the desire to work should never be wasted. That everyone has the potential to contribute something great. If you have the desire, passion, zest, appetite…
McDonald’s will bring the opportunity.

To bring this to life, we collected the stories of some of Maccas’ most remarkable crew members, shining a light on the way the business backs young Australians for a better future.

We then created a launch film, supported by 5 personal stories that build richer, emotive connections with our crew, inspiring future Macca’s employees to follow in their footsteps.