26 Sept 2017

Saying a huge thank you to RMHC donors

When you donate to a charity you don’t usually get to see where your money goes, or the lives you’re changing. The new McDonald’s campaign for Ronald McDonald House (RMHC) via DDB Sydney flips that on its head, and says a huge thank you to donors.

“The idea behind the campaign is turning a faceless donation into something tangible and impactful. We literally bring people face to face with the sick kids and families who have actually benefited from their life changing RMHC contributions,” DDB Sydney Creative Partner Sian Binder said.

The campaign features a range of six limited edition, interactive Big Mac boxes, hand-drawn by kids and their families staying at RMHC houses around Australia. The boxes feature web-based image recognition technology that, when a mobile phone is held up to the box, triggers a video linking the customer to the child who drew it – who then shares their story in the style of a Facetime or Skype call.

To make the TVC, we searched the country for RMHC donors and for families who had powerful stories of how their lives have been changed by RMHC.

“We then brought them together in a surprise meeting, and filmed the result in a documentary style. The donors had no idea they would be meeting the families and hearing their stories in person. We heard their true stories and captured the emotion of what RMHC means to each of them,” Binder said.