30 May 2017

New ŠKODA campaign challenges car ad conventions

Škoda today launched a new brand campaign, via DDB Sydney, that centres on the idea that you don’t have to be famous to be brilliant.

Featuring clever Australians doing amazing things, and doing them differently, the campaign challenges the normal car ad conventions.

DDB Chief Creative Officer Ben Welsh said the campaign is sophisticated, subtle and aspirational, and features two Aussies who certainly aren’t household names but are nonetheless exceptional.

“In the first spot we meet Dr John O’Sullivan, the leader of the team who invented Wi-Fi, and a second to be launched in July features Aelita Andre, a 10-year-old artist who had her first art exhibition in New York at the age of four,” Welsh said.

“Too many people in this world are famous for being famous, while those who really contribute to society are often overlooked; this campaign beautifully highlights the simple genius and different thinking that has gotten our talent where they are today,” he said.

View the work.