When Bill Bernbach started DDB, he had in mind precisely the kind of people he wanted to work here. There were two requirements: you had to be talented, and you had to be nice. If you were nice but without talent, sorry but you just wouldn’t do. If you were highly talented but not a nice person, Bill had no hesitation saying "No". This is still our philosophy today. So if you’re both, get in touch.

Business Manager

As a Business Manager, you contribute to your client’s business through your strong understanding of the creative product and involvement in the creation process. You have a thirst for learning and can quickly pick up an in-depth understanding of the client, the client’s business and their consumer. You are the ultimate project manager, firing on all cylinders all the time. You’re determined, innovative and deadline-driven, with a penchant for getting things done. Business Managers are known by a few titles in the market, often referred to as an Account Manager or Client Relationship Manager. At DDB, we prefer “Business Manager,” because we brainstorm, create, design and offer creative and strategic solutions for our business partners. We treat our clients as more than accounts, they are our colleagues. If you feel you are qualified for this opportunity, please send your CV to our Talent Manager Erin Cook Erin.Cook@syd.ddb.com

Business Coordinator

Business Coordinators are curious, determined and hardworking. They are passionate in their pursuit of knowledge. They quickly get to know our creative and strategic product, work collaboratively with their team and develop strong relationships with client contacts. We are looking for candidates that have received an undergraduate degree in Marketing or Advertising. You may have worked as an intern at some stage, but if you haven’t, you must be able to communicate professionally with a diverse range of people. If you’re interested in getting your foot in the door at an agency that puts their employees first, send your CV to our Talent Manager Erin Cook Erin.Cook@syd.ddb.com

Business Director

A Business Director is an intelligent, original and impressive leader. Not only do Business Directors drive and mentor their team, but they act as true ambassadors to DDB. They constantly motivate their team to go beyond expectations, encouraging and energizing them to achieve great results. Business Directors are solution-oriented, always thinking about their client, anticipating issues and implementing their vision to product superior results. We are looking for someone with six to eight years of experience creating customer relationship marketing programs, some of which should be in an agency environment. As this individual would be leading a team, strong people management skills are a must. We are looking for someone who can craft and direct briefs and strategies that are insightful and inspirational, and can effectively identify, foster and sell world-class creative. If you feel you could be a fit for this position, please send your CV to our Talent Manager Erin Cook Erin.Cook@syd.ddb.com


DDB is currently looking for a range of creatives to join DDB on the back of some significant and exciting business growth. We are looking for creatives who have a passion for breakthrough creative ideas, contemporary thinking and execution plus a desire to learn and grow. Want to learn more? Send your folio to our Talent Manager Erin Cook Erin.Cook@syd.ddb.com

Don’t see a position that fits your experience, but you’d love to learn more about opportunities about DDB? Reach out to our Talent Manager Erin Cook Erin.Cook@syd.ddb.com