Our people

Here's a handful of DDBers working across IT, Engineering, Creative, Strategy, Production, and Business Management.

Our culture

Celebrating our humanity in all its diversity lies at the heart of DDB's creative culture.

It goes back to Bill Bernbach’s policy of hiring ‘talented and nice’ people.

It defines the way we behave and the way we treat each other. And in a very old human tradition we have a list of 5 behaviours to remind us – after all, to err is human.

No. 1

We care about each other as human beings, not just workers.

We support each other in life, not just at work.

No. 2

We talk each other up, never down.

We don’t pretend to be perfect.

We don’t know it all, we strive to learn more.

No. 3

We welcome differences.

We stand up against inequality, prejudice and unconscious bias.

No. 4

We see each other’s strengths rather than pick at weaknesses.

We share responsibility for the highs and lows.

No. 5

We try to be honest and authentic.

We speak as human beings - no jargon, no bullshit.

Our group

DDB Group Sydney is a top ten ranked global advertising agency that creates unreasonable growth for its clients through our Fame, Feeling, Fluency framework.

The DDB Group includes DDB, Tribal, Track, Mango and DDB Remedy. DDB’s clients include Westpac, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Skoda, Telstra, Unilever, Wrigley’s, Expedia, Johnsons & Johnson, BT financial group, Electrolux, Henkel, Society One, Barilla, Gillette.